Nokia Lumia 800 Amazing Everyday Launching Party

Nokia Lumia 800 推出派對照相站

Date: 18 November 2011
Venue: Western Market, Sheung Wan

What do you wanna be?
A glorious king of victory?
A strong prizewinning athletic?
A sweet sweet angel?
An astronomer who completed a exciting adventure?

On the night of Nokia Lumia Amazing Everyday Launching Party, you can be one of those.

Every one should have played with an old-school photo taking setup in a carnival. Which there is a backdrop with character printed on it and the face of the character has been cut out. Players are hiding behind the backdrop and showing only his/her face through the hole, pretending you are the character.

Fatty Boost has done a retro on this old-school setup for the Nokia Lumia Launching party. Of cause, a digital one. Four set of photograph, the king, the athletic, the angel and the astronomer, are available for player’s choice. Like the old-school setup, the face of the characters have been cut off to reveal player’s face which captured by our camera. With player’s confirmation, our system will automatically process to the merging function and the result will then be displayed to the crowd through a projection, sharing the amazing moment to everyone in the party. Needless to say, we offer the email sending function for players to get back their amazing moment captured.